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*Balloon animals are not safe or appropriate for children under 4 years old, or for those with special needs, without an adult monitoring the balloon at all times.

If booking for two or more hours, a 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Cancellations must be made within seven days of the event in order to receive a deposit refund (to compensate for the loss of scheduling other events during that time).

Utah Valley Pricing. For events in the Salt Lake area, please add a $15 travel fee to the total price of booking:

Birthday Parties and Private Parties:

-$65/hr for 15-25 people (1 hr), or balloons for up to 50 people for 2 hours. For more information please fill out the inquiry form.

-$85/hr for parties that require 2 balloon twisters (balloons for up to 50 people in 1 hour or 100 in 2 hours).

Theme examples: Pirates, Princesses, Wands & Crowns, Video Games, Super-heroes, Jedi, Dragons, Fairies, Cars, Trucks, Monsters, Aliens, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, Fancy Hats, Bracelets & Necklaces, Movie Themes, etc. Any family-friendly idea is welcome.

-Add $20 to include a special birthday cake balloon or sculpture balloon in the theme of your choice for the birthday person.

-Add $50 for a life-sized sculpture or fantasy figure for the special birthday person.

-Price per request on special 4-6 ft. numbers, balloon-columns, arches, etc.

Corporate and School Events:

-$75/hr to walk around tables and create balloons, standing in front of a line, etc.  Please fill out the inquiry form for multi-day event discounts.


-$75/hr for line work or working table-to-table

Price per request for wedding sculptures, balloon cakes, couple balloons, hats, etc.

Carnival & Festival Line Work, Farmer’s Markets, etc:

Please fill out the inquiry form.

Holiday Parties:

Minimum of $150 for any event booked on a major holiday. Please fill out the inquiry form.

Balloon Sculptures:

(For ideas, please visit the Gallery page, or please fill out the inquiry form and include your own idea.)

-$25 for a simple 12-15″ tall sculpture including local delivery.

-$50 for a medium balloon sculpture, including local delivery.

-$75 and Up for complex, multi-balloon sculptures, including local delivery.

*For a hospital balloon delivery, please check with the hospital to see if they allow latex balloons before filling out the inquiry form.

*Latex balloons are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


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